Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Great Quotes

"By giving man liberty and conscience God abdicated a part of his omnipotence in favor of his creature, and this represents the spark of God in man. God is within you. Liberty is real, for God himself refused to trammel it. Freedom of speech, freedom of action within bounds that do not infringe upon the liberty of others, are man's inherent right, divine gifts essential to human dignity and human happiness." -David O. McKay, 9/25/54

"Let us instill into the hearts of our children the love of freedom. Teach them that to be free is as precious as life itself. Fight every influence-Russian, Communist, whatever it may be-that would deprive an American citizen of the liberty vouchsafed by the Constitution. Liberty is truth-in truth we find liberty. You teachers, feel it in your hearts; instill it into the hearts of these precious children. May the Church of Jesus Christ ever stand true to the ideals of freedom" -David O. McKay, 7/11/53

"Liberty and freedom are always purchased, many times by great effort, often with great loss of life. It is freedom of choice, a divine gift, an essential virtue in a peaceful society. But true liberty, I repeat, is always purchased with a great sum.. Throughout the centuries men have had to struggle to be free. They have had to contend with usurpers. They have had to fight dictators. This is what lovers of freedom are doing today." -David O. McKay, 3/3/45

"The battle against tyranny may have to begin at home...The vast majority of politicians are more concerned with political plums than with government principles. Unfortunately, love of man for man seldom directs men in public office. To our shame many men in public office, high and low, in the midst of personal dishonesty and corruption, pretend to serve their fellow men. They are all would-be dictators of different degrees. There is but one way to correct such evil-to clean house, to turn the rogues out of public office, and for you and other men of honest, righteous outlook to take their places. The fight against covetousness and for human liberty will be part of your campaign for man's economic sufficiency. It will not be a pleasant job, perhaps, but there must be no hesitancy on the part of educated men in accepting the duty. In bringing about a better economic world you will indeed be of service to your own generation." -John A. Widtsoe, 1939

"Free agency is a divine gift more precious than peace, more to be desired even than life. Any nation, any organized group of individuals that would deprive man of this heritage should be denounced by all liberty-loving persons. Associated with this fundamental principle is the right of individual initiative, the right to worship how, where, or what one pleases, and the simple privilege to leave a country, if one choose, without having to skulk out as a culprit at the risk of being shot and killed. At heart Communism is atheistic, and Fascism is equally antagonistic to freedom and to other Christian principles-even denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, and the existence of God." -David O. McKay, 10/51

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