Monday, May 18, 2009

Divine Assistance Now

What will be the fate of the United States?

President Brigham Young: "When the day comes in which the Kingdom of God will bear rule, the flag of the United States will proudly flutter unsullied on the flag staff of liberty and equal rights, without a spot to sully its fair surface; the glorious flag our fathers have bequeathed to us will then be unfurled to the breeze by those who have power to hoist it aloft and defend its sanctity. How long will it be before the words of the prophet Joseph will be fulfilled? He said if the Constitution of the United States were saved at all it must be done by this people. It will not be many years before these words come to pass."

Members of the church, then, have the special responsibility to defend the Constitution from the constant barrage now levied against it. President Young's prophecy of the final destiny of the United States will not come about without tremendous effort on our part. Just as God's hand in a "lunar anomaly" let Paul Revere cross a river undetected to make his historic ride, His hand will be with us in our fight to defend the Constitution if we have enough faith to take on that fight!

President John Taylor: "When the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States, the elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of the earth and proclaiming liberty and equal rights to all men, and extending the hand of fellowship to the oppressed of all nations. This is part of the program, and as long as we do what is right and fear God, He will help us and stand by us under all circumstances."

It is up to each one of us to see to it that we are actively fighting for liberty rather than wasting our time on the sidelines.

President Benson: "This is still God's world...In due time, when each of us has had a chance to prove himself--including whether or not we are going to stand up for freedom--God will interject himself, and the final and eternal victory shall be for free agency...Time is on the side of truth, and the wave of the future is freedom. There is no question of the eventual, final, and lasting triumph of righteousness. The major question for each of us is what part will we play in helping to bring it to pass...Ours is the task to try to live and perpetuate the principles of Christ and the Constitution in the face of tremendous odds. May we, with God's help, have strength for the battle."


  1. Excellent! I love the quote by President John Taylor. Sometimes I feel that people forget how important it is to get involved somehow in the political process. I feel that they forgot how important it is to stand for that which is right. They may think its easier to stand by and let whatever happens happen, but really we are allowing the government to take away the very agency that we have been given. While we will be judged by the specific laws and life we knew, I don't think Americans will get a free pass if we ever start to allow the Constitution to be ripped apart and our lives to be legislated for we had the truth.

  2. I spent this past spring interning for a very conservative lobbing group here in Utah striving to protect the principles our nation was founded upon. I believe the time is not far off where we will find the constitution being shredded before our eyes and I know of many wonderful latter-day saints and others who understand what it means to be governed by correct principles and seek to make sure our elected officials understand this.

    Some things are made to be acted upon, and other are made to act. I hope never to be in the position where I am acted upon rather than acting.

    Its time for us as latter-day saints to stand up. We can call our state representaives, our govenor, our mayor, our city councilman and tell them what we think as their constitents. This really does have a big impact and can help them to understand what the people the represent think. Change needs to come from the bottom before we can effect Washington DC.